Make this emo boy cry!

Adam's hair is cut in a slightly less-severe spock rock style these days, but it's still obvious that he calls the waaaaahmbulance all too often. You should see those muscles he got from lifting sacks of brown rice at Philly's finest health food store! Rumor has it that all the hott indie ladies used to take him to the basement walk-in fridge and try to show him a thing or two, but they only ended up getting schooled. This upstanding young man originally hails from Massachusetts, but now at the tender age of 22 he claims Reading, PA as his home. Adam likes his tattoos, the metal, smoking, soy ice cream, the almight Steven Patrick Morrissey, one night stands, and getting e-mail from YOU at, which he named after an Unbroken song, but if you manage to snag an evening alone with this fine young man you might be swallowin' more than just progress! OW!