death and tortillas

"It is said that London police can always distinguish among corpses fished out of the Thames, between those who drowned themselves because of unhappy love affairs and those drowned for debt. The fingers of the lovers are almost invariably lacerated by their attempts to save themselves by clinging to the piers of bridges. In contrast, the debtors apparently go down like slabs of concrete, without struggle and without afterthought." --A.Alvarez

What is this?

According to the Dutch zine In Sitio:

"Some may be thrown off by the rough presentation. The entire zine is hand-written and the art is functional, but all of this gives it a very personal quality, and this zine is VERY personal. It's like reading someone's diary. Very honest stuff...non-filtered thoughts and dreams..." (R.Verloop)

Death and Tortillas was my personal zine from 1995 through 1998. I no longer publish it, nor are there any back issues available. RIP, D&T.

blasts from the past

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