my wonderful 2 hour luv affair

it was the most beautiful kiss i've ever had the pleasure of engaging in. jason and i sat next to each other on the greyhound last january- on purpose of course. from pittsburgh all the way to indianapolis, we shared double seats. he was sober for quite awhile, too-until he stopped in that columbus liquor store during a 45 minute stopover. it was only 10 am, but he craved utter inebriation. and, surprisingly, i didn't really care. we talked in the glare of the mid-morning ohio sun. we talked of slint, and he explained how the "ohio" tattoo on his arm had gotten there. a former indiana university student, he now lived in virginia. he wa headed back to bloomington, though, to visit his love interest. our conversation was random and insane, and inspired me in the odd way that only a chat with an intoxicated greyhound passenger could inspire. the innocent flirtation was growing quite heavy in the air, and i should've expected something crazy to happen, but it still came as a shock to me when i felt his lips brush against mine as we crossed the indiana border. if i didn't know any better, i'd think this beautiful lush was trying to kiss me. and what's more-he succeeded. "what was that?" i asked, the giggly tone in my voice indicating that i liked whatever it was. "just because i felt like it," jason replied, returning for seconds. i was loving it too much to complain. as we rolled into indy with our heads on each other's shoulders, part of me wondered what the hell i was doing, kissing a drunkard who was on the way to visit his significant other. but the other part of me didn't care. i knew this was just one of those crazy bus things that doesn't make much sense, & i went with it, reveling in the fullness of jason's lips. and i climbed off the americruiser, shook his semi-girlfriend's hand, and hugged him goodbye. and then i walked away, fully aware i'd never see him again but with a huge smile on my face.