once upon a time there lived a boy named clay. clay had a great fear of touching people. this bothered him very much, so he set out to conquer his fear. the only way an agoraphobe can cure their illness is by climbing mountains. similarly, clay knew that only with the all-powerful hug could he conquer his fear of touch. he had a mission: to hug as many people as possible, and to do it without restraint. hugging certain people--like moms and best friends--comes easiliy. clay knew this, so he issued himself a challenge: he would hug strangers as warmly as he hugged his closest pals. though it was difficult at first, people were receptive, and as clay became more and more confident in his hugging skills, people responded more and more enthusiastically. before long, clay had become famous for his embraces, and each became an epic event. yes, he started the hug revolution in this little corner of the world, but it's YOUR job to finish it. not many things in this world can cure what ails ya better than a good, old-fashioned hug. in the age of the internet and the fax machine, people have forgotten about the beauty of genuine, human-to-human contact. hugs certainly won't stop the insanity or end all new taxes, but they ARE fat-free, and they WILL help bring about a kinder, gentler nation! who needs rationalization, though? the best thing about hugs is that they simply FEEL GOOD. enough said! the hug revolution has begun!