Impress her, wear turquoise!

Erica is currently stranded in Altoona, PA, where she communes with bloody fetuses, sings along to City High, wrecks the homes of boys who prefer Abercrombie to Anarchy, and generally adds color to the grey and desolate landscape. She is a self-confessed slut of questionable morality, a Penn State women's studies program bachelor-degree holder, and a keychain whore, much to her detriment. She runs her own nonprofit,, which boasts a stellar website that takes up more than its fair share of bandwidth. Erica's mainly looking for a punk rock boy who isn't afraid of a little backdoor lovin', but wouldn't turn down a bitch in heat. She would prefer someone who is mean but not too mean, someone who will treat her like shit, but not so much so that she questions their worth as a human being. If you want to get in on Blair County's main attraction, please give this 22-year-old sister a holler at